the Most Amazing Woman

Throughout my life I’ve gotten to see and experience many incredible beautiful things. I’ve also had the pleasure of meeting some pretty incredible and beautiful people. But there’s one that stands out above all the rest, even if part of it has to do with the special relationship we have. That is my wife. She’s the most amazing woman that I’ve ever me. I’ve said many times that she gives me new reasons to love her everyday. She’s an inspiration to me. But it’s a great testament to how wonderful she is. I don’t take ‘it’ nor her for granted.

She tells me that she feels the same way about me. She tells me that no one has treated her as good as I do. She tells me that I am an inspiration to her. She swears she’ll never leave me; that I am her moon, her stars, her sun and her world. She tells me that she can feels loved by me. She has demonstrated that I can share anything with her, and despite my fears in doing that, she tells me how it draws her closer to me. She’s just amazing.

I dedicate this John Legend song “All of Me” to her.

I pray everyone has someone exceptionally special in their life.

Say what? How is that possible with all the baggage I carry? I don’t know. How she puts up with me I don’t know. Perhaps it’s a testimony to the love that’s always, somehow, managed to refuse to be stuffed deep down inside, like so many other attributes have been, just to survive. Perhaps it’s a testimony as to just how far I’ve come, and that my recovery efforts are not in vain.

What does that have to do with you? Having good support comes in many forms to include family and friends, and those I mentioned in an earlier blog. If you aren’t getting the support you need, look elsewhere. Seek and ye shall find, they say. This is a journey that can be too much to go it alone.

Thanks for reading.

Wishing you much love and peace,


“Give the world the best you have and it may never be enough. Give your best anyway. For you see, in the end, it is between you and God. It was never between you and them anyway.” ― Mother Teresa

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Consider sharing this blog with others. Victim/survivors of abuses, more often than not, carry this burden silently alone, not knowing how to deal with it or where to turn, but need hope. Loved ones and caregivers also need support. We never know who is or wants to reach out for help. This blog might be of help to caregivers and loved ones of abuse. Silence is deadly and if together we are able to help or save just one life, isn’t that worth it?

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It has been great to meet and talk with you Matt… I look forward to reading long or short versions of any topic, story, thoughts or emotions you touch on.. I hope they help other survivors in their healing journey.. I know talking about it helps me.. be well !

Fellow survivor Mike

The other day I shared a story on FB about losing two teeth in an accident, and someone said everything isn’t everyone’s business. I said, it was a burden and shame I was holding onto and I no longer wanted to carry it. God told me to turn over my burdens and turn them into … Continue reading Tamirra H.

Tamirra H.

In reaching out to others, you are Christ’s hands. It takes courage and broad shoulders. I will continue to pray that the Holy Spirit guide those open hands into a thriving ministry…Don’t let yourself fail prey to discouragement. It may be your calling. God bless you!

Kathy H.

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