As many couples do before going to sleep, my partner and I enjoy pillow talk. I reckon one of the benefits, if I dare call it that, of the abuse that I endured, is that I try to be exceptionally gentle with my partner. She makes it easy as she’s gentle with me, too. Sometimes I read to her children’s stories, or from a Christian prayer book; even to the point that she falls asleep while I’m reading. It’s easy to tell when she falls asleep because her breathing changes.

In times past, I might would play her a gentle song on my guitar. She’s my biggest fan. That doesn’t matter to me that she is, because she’s the one that matters the most to me. She’s my baby: my moon, my stars, my sun, my world, my everything. I pray everyone has someone special like that in their life. Heaven knows we deserve it at the deepest core of our being.

Recently, I got the idea to quietly play lullabies from YouTube. I stumbled across one that was a song many of us are familiar with. I thought, how can this be a lullaby? Thus it got my attention. Though the refrain has been uplifting in the version that I’ve always heard, the verses have had a sad meaning to me; if I remember right.

But this one was very different. I love everything about this version. The simple, but skillful instrumentation actually adds to the overall appeal of the song. I adore the lady’s voice and admire the guy’s voice. The vibrato in her voice and the more smoothness in his are the perfect compliment to each other. In nearly a whisper, the two effortlessly dance gracefully around the harmonies. The mixing is masterful (most appreciated with good earbuds/headphones). The lyrics are very loving, from beginning to end. IMO, the entire composition of this rendition is genius. Honestly, listening to the song brought a tear to my eyes. The song is called “You are My Sunshine” and is performed by “Hound + Fox”. I even thought that’s such a cool name for them.

Here’s a link to their song “You Are My Sunshine”. I encourage you to take a listen. I don’t think you’ll regret it.

The Hound and the Fox

Checkout their website to discover more of their masterful performances. They do a wide range of songs that includes covers of popular songs as well as their own original work.

You can also check out their Facebook page and follow them for their latest updates. They put fun stuff there and even includes a video of their young son assisting with videoing a new piece they are working on. It’s adorable.

Thanks for reading.

Wishing you much love and peace,


“Give the world the best you have and it may never be enough. Give your best anyway. For you see, in the end, it is between you and God. It was never between you and them anyway.” ― Mother Teresa

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It has been great to meet and talk with you Matt… I look forward to reading long or short versions of any topic, story, thoughts or emotions you touch on.. I hope they help other survivors in their healing journey.. I know talking about it helps me.. be well !

Fellow survivor Mike

The other day I shared a story on FB about losing two teeth in an accident, and someone said everything isn’t everyone’s business. I said, it was a burden and shame I was holding onto and I no longer wanted to carry it. God told me to turn over my burdens and turn them into … Continue reading Tamirra H.

Tamirra H.

In reaching out to others, you are Christ’s hands. It takes courage and broad shoulders. I will continue to pray that the Holy Spirit guide those open hands into a thriving ministry…Don’t let yourself fail prey to discouragement. It may be your calling. God bless you!

Kathy H.

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